The DJI Inspire 2 drone has landed !

At SkyCamHD we’ve been eagerly awaiting the first in depth tech reviews and real world footage from the latest arrival in the drone world, the DJI Inspire 2 !   Building on the successful Inspire quadcopter platform the new system packs in a huge number of features plus mind blowing image processing power from the micro four thirds camera system.


The Inspire 2 has dual self heating batteries for extended flight times and cold weather operation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, additional FPV camera, various clever flight modes and significantly faster flying speed ( up to 58 mph !) But the real step forward has been the image processing module and a upgraded Micro Four Thirds Camera capable of 5.2K RAW capture, Apple Pro-Res codec support with SSD workflow . This is big news for cinematographers, this kind of power in a small drone is real game changing stuff with the image quality being compared to the Arri Alexa mini.  Check out this film from the guys at Cinema5D all shot on the Inspire 2 

  It’s hard to comprehend how far the technology has come in the 2 years since the release of the original Inspire 1 system, which was groundbreaking stuff then – you have to wonder where it will be in another 2 years..

For full specs and info check out this in depth review